Our Aluminium Boats

Robust and durable

We operate and produce high quality boats and offer a comprehensive solution with a competitive advantage in terms of consistency, performance and innovation. Regardless of individual requirements or design Ophardt Maritim develop, render, optimise and produce aluminium boats in series. Our extensive cooperation with teams of designers and naval architects has led to the completion of numerous innovative products.

Current Projects


OPH/969/D is our newest prototype and was developed together with Andrew Norton from Norson Design Works. The deep V-Hull ensures stable sailing conditions in rough water with strong winds. The result is perfect performance at speeds of up to 60 knots. The boat has a d-foam fender coated with polyurethane.


Straightforward, light and manoeuvrable – these are characteristics of the new prototype OPH/707/R. This RIB combines security, stability, and user friendliness and is a real all-rounder. It was developed as a versatile boat for high speeds with perfect handling in all types of water. The hull was designed for high speed boating by Andrew Norton Lea from Norson Design Works.

The RIB tube produced by leading manufacturer Henshaw Inflatables in Great Britain is made of „Orca dtex 1670“ a high quality textile with protection against chemicals, oil and petrol. It is also resistant to abrasion and ultra violet light. The interior is coated with neoprene providing the textile with its airtightness.

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First Responder is a multi-functional rescue boat used to fight fires thanks to its integrated fire-extinguishing devices. The boat is built on the OPH (Ophardt Presicion Hull) hull 8mm strength, sea water resistant aluminium. The components of the modular platform are constructed and calculated using CAD technology and are produced and tested to the highest standards. Security, excellent handling characteristics and durability are guaranteed.


The troop transporter provides speed and is easy to manoeuvre like an inceptor but it has a greater loading capacity. A complete troop plus their equipment can be transported. The boat is available in various sizes ranging from 6 – 14 meters with a capacity for 6 – 28 people. The Troop Transporter is also based on the OPH Hull.