Our Technology

Passion for innovation and precision

It is our mission to produce aluminium boats to satisfy our customers while using progressive production technologies. Inspired by the automotive industry our production processes are fully automated. Automated production results in greater productivity and quality of boat production. Our methods are fast, precise, reliable and flexible.


Our patented production method DuplicAl® is the foundation stone of our production. It is an efficient and effective engineering solution that guarantees the highest quality controls and promotes industry standards. The combination of modern installations, robots, machines and software was developed with the reproduction of boats in mind – i.e. boats with the same performance, consistency, quality and price structure – independent of numbers produced.

Advantages of DupicAl® process:
  • Modular, lightweight construction principle
  • Components perfectly compatible
  • Components are easy to mount before welding
  • Use of iterative and virtual shapes easily adaptable to fit new prototypes.

Clever Robot welding

Our dynamic robot welding machine allows us to weld hulls automatically from different angles. Simultaneous welding using 2 robot arms with 7 axles at a speed of up to 1,5 meters per minute increases speed greatly in comparison to manual welding where only 0,3 m are completed per minute. Welding is combined with screws and adhesives to maximise joint and torsional strength and to avoid corrosion.

Aluminium as a raw material

Sea water resistant aluminium AlMg4,5Mn (5083) is an ideal material for boat building. It is lightweight and at the same time robust, fire-resistant, requires little maintenance and can be completely recycled. It is easy to weld, has a low-tension ratio is stable and corrosion resistant. We use thicknesses of between 4mm and 12 mm.